Lakeside Love

I met Claire through her family's involvement with my other job: Arts for All of Northern MI. When she asked me to capture her wedding day, I was SO excited. When I met Sam, I was even more excited - these two are nothing but fun. Truly. For their engagement session, we met at Claire's family lake house on Long Lake. (P.S. - check out Claire's Etsy shop to snag a print of her beautiful artwork depicting long lake and other beautiful MI places.) Her whole family was hanging out, enjoying a summer night with bbq and a few beers - MY KIND OF PEOPLE. FYI - when I'm offered a beer with your fam, I'm probs gonna accept so thanks in advance. :)

Claire and Sam ended this beautiful night nearly taking each other down in some friendly splashing competitions - my most favorite way to end a summer session.

"She made us feel comfortable and excited about being photographed rather than awkward. She didn't really tell us what to do or pose us she just gently guided us into looking very natural which is part of the reason her photos are so good- they aren't staged. " - Sam & Claire

Thanks for being so welcoming Berger fam. See Claire and Sam's wedding day here!