Easy Like Sunday Mornin'

Amy & Ed met up with me on a Sunday morning in July - not my typical shooting time, but it was the only time that worked for them to be in TC when I was free. But much to my surprise, I loved the light in this session just as much, if not more, than my usual golden hour sessions! The bright day light challenged me to find locations that provided generous shade but still gave that dreamy glow, and the challenge was so good! We explored some place on the campus of the Grand Traverse Commons and even Munson Medical Center (yeah, seriously) that I'd never been and found the glow!

This Sunday morning session had this classic song stuck in my head, and Amy & Ed's relationship was exactly that: so easy. These two have such a calm about them and they are crazy about each other! As you can see, the way he looks at Amy is something so special - I can't wait to capture their wedding next year!

Also, we had a duck photobombing us for half of the session and it was fantastic - he makes a few appearances below.