Sharp Shoes & Snapshots

I met Kateri in a church small group and instantly liked her sweet and spunky spirit. She is passionate about Jesus and her family, so when she asked me to capture her whole family, I was so excited! I love when I get to meet your tribe - big or small, some or all - the people that made you who you are!

As soon as I met Kateri's nephew, he informed that he was wearing 'sharp' shoes. See photo - clearly we all need sharp shoes.

We had a blast running all over the Historic Barns Park, making crazy faces, and even ending the session with some snaps taken by the curious kids themselves. 9/10 times - kids are curious about my cameras, what I'm doing, and what they look like. Having been a teacher, I know how important it is for kids to feel independent in their learning choices and to actively engage in the things they're curious about - so much to many adults surprise, I ALWAYS help the kids hold, touch, and even try my cameras. Maybe I can spark a little excitement about one more thing that keeps them outside, creating, and playing. The last few shots in this gallery were taken by the kids themselves - and they're pretty damn good!