A Wednesday on West Bay

Sometimes I don't get to meet my couples before their big day. The first time I met Joe, he was minutes away from watching his bride walk down the aisle - and the first time I met Sarah, she was officially Joe's wife! But these two were so easy going that hanging out with them for a few hours on a beautiful Wednesday evening, that I forgot we had just met!

Their ceremony was a gathering of there closest friends and family - and a sweet little gaggle of baby ducks! After enjoying the evening breeze and the passing sail boats, Joe & Sarah spent the night with their family, celebrating their perfect love story.

My favorite thing about Joe & Sarah was that they prioritized each other - they did their wedding their way, on their time. Because it's about you and the commitment you're making to each other - don't let Pinterest and Instagram get in the way of what you both want. Get married on Wednesday, or a Saturday, or a Sunday - all ALL weekend! Invite everyone or no one. Wear your dream dress or a kick-ass jump suit. Just keep your partner number one through this process - and pour time into preparing for marriage and making this ceremony the once in a lifetime celebration it should be.


And Congrats J & S!

Dream Team