Kim & Brian - Lilacs & Silhouettes

From the moment I met these two, I loved their laidback personalities. They are focused on each other and their wedding day was a perfect celebration of their love, along with some unique touches.

It was the most beautiful June day - sunny with not a cloud in the sky. You guys, the ceremony site at Timberlee is absolutely breathtaking - Mike & Kelsey, you guys have done an incredible job with this place! I felt like I was up in some little mini mountains with that lookout. The gorgeous birch arch was lined with the biggest lilac bouquets I've ever seen, and the best part - Kim's dad created them all from their own flower farm in Leelanau! There were lilacs everywhere and you better believe it smelled like a summer paradise.

Kim & Brian celebrated with cheesecake, cherry snow slushies, and even a silhouette artist! Little did they know this was a foreshadowing of the most incredible sunset that ended their night, leaving them with some of my favorite silhouette images I've ever taken. It was one for the books.

Congratulations, K & B!

Dream Team: